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Accounting and Bookkeeping services that free up your time to do your business...
Not your books.

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Fax: 561-649-8513
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You can count on us to prepare the following returns with accuracy and dignity. Our goal is to minimize your total tax liability.
Bookkeeping Hanlon Associates
We offer complete tax services for:
  • Corporations – 1120, 1120-S
  • Partnerships – 1065
  • Not For Profits – 1120-H, 990
  • Individuals 1040

  • Pay bills
  • Set up electronic bill paying
  • Balance bank statements
  • Track and maintain balances on credit card        statements, loans, investments and mortgages
  • Prepare personal bookkeeping records to make tax returns faster and easier
  • Prepare reports on net worth

  • Bookkeeping Hanlon Associates
  • Set up a family or individual budget
  • Track and report spending habits
  • Prepare reports showing budget vs. spending
    *The IRS does not endorse any particular individual tax return preparer. For more information on tax return preparers, go to IRS.gov.
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